Virtual Remote Teams
Matías Creimerman - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2019-05-28

A virtual or remote team is that team that doesn’t share a common physical location. In recent years technologies have allowed the tasks performed with a computer or a mobile device to be fulfilled from any location since the only necessary thing is the equipment and the connection to the internet.

Employers (with the facilities provided by globalization) have begun to seek resources and specialists in any location. Many companies started facilitating the flexibility of employees to work some days of the week from home or after hours from anywhere (it has been strengthened with mobile devices and the tools to achieve it) and then allowing them to work from home.

With the passage of time (with positive results), companies began looking for employees in any location and facilitating remote work. The communication tools and the security of the information also have been improved. Having remote employees has also facilitated the cost of employers and made work more flexible. In addition, current employees are sons of technology and use the computer from a young age, which makes communicating virtually something natural. Workers and employers have found many advantages of working in this way, which has increased the number of freelancers and remote and specialized work in recent years.

It’s no longer necessary to fulfill schedules or justify with hours in an establishment the work that is done. On the other hand this goes against the business cultures that are used to leave a mark and a guide in employers. It’s the strongest challenge companies have since the corporate culture has always been used so that the flock does not get discouraged. The companies as we know them will disappear. Like all evolution this is something that little by little begins to transform into the common in the work environment.

I believe that the future will be completely with remote work. There will be new labor relations and working groups that will improve the performance of the equipment and the quality of the final products.

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