Continuous Learning
Matías Creimerman - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2020-01-15

The Continuous Learning is part of the professional life of an individual and of the companies, and refers to the continuous development of skills, abilities and knowledge. It’s essential for success in the Future of Work market.

On an individual level, people have an innate motivation to learn and continuously improve your skills. At the organizational level, employers have a vital role to play in the configuration of their employees and in the expansion of their members’ skill sets.

In the Future of Work, it’s essential to keep up to date with new technologies, to handle computer tools at an advanced level and it will be necessary to have knowledge of programming, data management, robotics and entrepreneurial skills and leadership. Both companies and individuals must be continually learning the new advances as technology advances to levels as it has never done in history.

It’s common for companies to associate or invest in educational establishments to promote new technological advances and obtain the best and most qualified resources.

Many companies are investing in high schools or universities and assigning their professionals to teach courses or train teenagers for the new market on the Future of Work.

In addition, companies are influencing the education model to advance school curricula and obtain economic resources at an early age.

On the other hand, companies hire the most experienced resources to allocate large teams of new and young resources to teach them and transmit their knowledge to reduce learning costs.

In the dynamic, full of information, new technologies, interaction of new cultures and so many media and innovations on the Future of Work, the individuals should not stop learning. They must stay relevant so that their skills are not relegated and must be prepared for the unexpected and the new combinations of types of jobs that begin to emerge. Having new knowledge and skills opens new doors and opportunities. It also allows you to open your mind to new ideas and perspectives.

In order to have a habit of continuous learning, it’s important that you always spend time reading new things, follow referents on what you are learning, create networks of contacts to keep up to date with new needs, join a forum or group of specialists in the matter, teach others to also learn, question what you learn and look for different points of view and also try to put them into practice in some way.

My main quote was always “the practice makes the teacher” and I always instill them in my daughters. So it is vital to learn, take it to practice and teach it to become a master in skill. And practice and improve, implies being continuous learning.

In conclusion, continuous learning will be indispensable for the Future of Work, since it’s the only way to be at the forefront of innovation and to be able to solve the problems that customers need before another in this world so agile and evolved. The learning career is the career of getting opportunities and giving new solutions in the business world.

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