Collaboration Teams Around The World
Matías Creimerman - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2020-03-20

As I have described in other posts on the topic of the Future of Work, in the future it will not matter where you live to apply for a job.

Technology today allows you to perform your tasks related to the old industrial age jobs and to the new industrial age jobs.

Companies are looking for the best talent and today they can find it thanks to globalization anywhere in the world.
Some still have some rules or restrictions to do, but in the future tends to be that we can all work from our home or from locations far away from the offices (virtual offices in the future) of the company.

This possibility means that if a company or a client has a particular need they can hire people anywhere in the world.
The trend is to be able to build teams with the best talent no matter where they are.

This causes that the new structure of the companies is designed to be able to assemble collaborative teams around the world.
This will require new skills in the leaders and in the collaborators to be able to deal with the dynamics of the teams remotely.
Collaborative tools are also evolving to be able to work in this modality.
New methodologies emerge and teams evolve by adjusting to the new dynamics.

The companies promote courses and training for leadership and remote and virtual work, even teaching preaches the collaborative work.

The daily work is not only an independent task of a collaborator, but it is the set of micro-tasks among all the collaborators. Communication is key and the leadership and team guidelines established to work in this modality is the most important.

Flexibility is becoming more and more important.

The teams are and will be more and more self-organized and will interrelate as a whole with its own life.
The dynamics of these teams will evolve continuously and will be the usual way of working in the Future of Work.

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