Matías Creimerman - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2020-04-15


In principle, if you don't think about #Lean and with #Kanban as a base, you can't expand agility.

This is not speed or ease, it is focus on what is important, on taking away value from what is not important, on collaboration and on the result.

This includes people and processes. Collaborate with the clients, respond immediately to change and execute from there.

“Keep It Simple Stupid” unnecessary complexity is ruled out.

“You aren´t gonna need it” let's do what's necessary in the current problem, if we anticipate what we're supposed to need, we lose courage and effort.

“They Ain´t Gonna Read It” no one reads documentation or gives it the importance or find what you need now, the documentation must be accurate for the particular, and for the audience indicated. The general and skeletal guidelines of the project must be documented. The particulars are described by the it does, in the concise way that can help give real value to the rest. Documentation is necessary, but not to any price or for everything.

The priority is to satisfy the one who expects the result (customer). Early and continuous delivery gives the value.

Change should be welcomed and not forbidden. "Cultural", "dictatorial", "vertical" guidelines are not part of this modality, everything belongs to everyone and is for everyone.

The continuous attention, gives excellence, and the simplicity, to maximize the work.

It is essential to be self-organized.

From time to time, stop and reflect, to evolve, innovate and progress.

"Plans never survive contact with the enemy." is a quote that helps to think in agile and gives base to its foundation. The ability to improvise to adjust tactics and redirect them, "play" (game theory) for decision making, adapt, evolve, respond to the environment and its changes, constantly redefine, for adaptability with change.

Obviously, training, learning, practice, are the basis for training, but on paper, you have to know adapt to continuous change.

“the proof is in the pudding”, “Interested parties decide how to succeeds and not you”.

“Agility is the ability to adapt or anticipate quickly and lead the Change”.

Understand the context, recognize and learn from mistakes.

It's all about communication. It's the key. It's about propagation and integration, not escalation.

Who does not measure, cannot improve either. Facilitators of facilitators.

Conclusion: there are no magic formulas, no silver bullets, it is dynamics, it is communication, is resolution, is continuous result, of all for one and of one for everyone.

But this is not law, everything will be what it has to be, because agility is not that it solves all your problems or avoids them, only makes them visible to everyone and when that happens, allows everyone to understand that there solve it, and it doesn't make you do it any faster, but it marks you as "lazy" with what's going on.

For my part I like to see everything as "crisis/uncomplete-solution" and I think you always have to be modifying what is established to improve it, I believe that without questioning what exists, we do not innovate, we do not progress, we don't evolve, either individually or collectively... some will say "what for? It works!" Well, some people also wonder "Why did we come into the world?" Or would we still be counting on the abacus... I'm a proponent of continuous improvement, and as someone once told me "every A person has a mission and purpose in this life, it is to be at the service of others, it is to ask: 'I How can I help with what I am?' 'How can I help you make your life easier?' and happiness comes alone", if we are not at the service of our clients and do not put ourselves in the of them to understand what they need and always improve the way we solve things, business does not it works.

This is a means, not an end.

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