Corporate culture kills talent
Matías Creimerman - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2018-05-15

"Culture" comes from cultivate. To cultivate is to remain the species through reproduction and to "shape" it so that it survives in time. Taking care of it, watering it, protecting it from the cold, etc.

To cultivate on the human, as Freud said, is to stifle his primary instincts to establish a framework of control by the male (who exercises power in the group/tribe) over the others and therefore he philosophized about "Civilization and Its Discontents".

And this is really true, our first instinct is survival, that's where all the others come from conceptions of man and to have "built" throughout history cultures, was to frame the power of the founding members in a regulation, to remain in time as a group/society/tribe.
We are born into cultures that frame us in laws and rules so that we act like our ancestors and follow maintaining the culture and the survival of the culture and its members. We do it as a family, we replicate it as a joint venture.

Now if we think about the business environment, culture, is to establish rules, knowledge bases, "good practices", regulations, etc. to induce the individual working in the company within that framework of a supposed path to the success and survival of the company. That is, we condition it to be framed in a new culture that establishes the company, different from what it brings as a social individual.

Now if we're talking about talent, we're talking about an individual's ability to perform an activity that stands out from the rest of its peers and that originates naturally or by exercise or learning constant. This ability in one form or another, whether or not with external incidence, is driven, carried out and made concrete by the individual.

If we unite the business culture and talent, companies try to get talent to give the best to the operation of the same, because they need talented in different tasks of the organization to survive. Companies exercise their power to bring the talent of the individual to their benefit. By exercising power, they inculcate and establish their culture on the individual, just as it happens between families, societies, nations, etc.

So, if the company seeks talent for its tasks and positions, and at the same time imparts culture to establish a legal framework for the activities, it is limiting the talent of the employee in one way or another, it is never leaving the nature of the individual 100%. Since the moment it imparts culture, it imparts its power of colonization to obtain benefits from it.

It is also true that the employer is the dominant power and after years of dominating and acculturating employees, those employees going to another company also brings a little bit of what they've already acquired.

With which, I come to the conclusion, that culture, kills the innate, kills the self, kills the talent that you build, you kill the talent, you use the best part for your benefit. "Corporate culture kills talent"

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