The full guide of PowerShell that any developer needs to know
Matías Creimerman - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2019-10-06

In 2009, Microsoft declares that all of the company’s products follow the “Common Engineering Criteria”, which state that all Microsoft products will be compatible with Microsoft Powershell.

Microsoft Powershell is a shell command interface to script and configure any Microsoft software.

Often all shell programs offer more commands and features that any GUI tool to set any configuration or script any process.

In the last years, Powershell acquired more commands and functionalities that have transformed it into the main management and automation tool for any Microsoft product and/or software or even for any third-party software compatible with Microsoft technologies.

Today, it’s essential to have knowledge of Powershell to automate and configure components in Azure and for any DevOps developer. That’s why I’m going to start this Powershell course to learn how to use the tool and PowerShell repository scripts:

  1. PowerShell Fundamentals (incomplete)
  2. PowerShell Naming Conventions
  3. PowerShell Variables
  4. PowerShell Built-in Variables (soon)
  5. PowerShell Automatic Variables (soon)
  6. PowerShell Environment Variables (soon)
  7. PowerShell Operators (soon)
  8. PowerShell Special Operators (soon)
  9. PowerShell Basic Set Operations (soon)
  10. PowerShell Conditionals (soon)
  11. PowerShell Loops (soon)
  12. PowerShell Strings (soon)
  13. PowerShell HashTables (soon)
  14. PowerShell Working with Objetcs (soon)
  15. PowerShell Functions (soon)
  16. PowerShell Classes (soon)
  17. PowerShell Modules (soon)
  18. PowerShell Profiles (soon)
  19. PowerShell Splatting (soon)
  20. PowerShell Streams (soon)
  21. PowerShell Common Functions (soon)
  22. PowerShell Remoting (soon)
  23. PowerShell Pipeline (soon)
  24. PowerShell Background Jobs (soon)
  25. PowerShell Return (soon)
  26. PowerShell Regular Expressions (soon)
  27. PowerShell Parameters (soon)
  28. PowerShell Error Handling (soon)
  29. PowerShell Package Management (soon)
  30. PowerShell TCP Communication (soon)
  31. PowerShell Workflows (soon)
  32. PowerShell Embedding Managed Code (C#) (soon)
  33. PowerShell Infraestructure Automation (soon)
  34. PowerShell State Configuration (soon)
  35. PowerShell Scheduled Tasks (soon)
  36. PowerShell Handling Secrets and Credentials (soon)
  37. PowerShell Security and Cryptography (soon)
  38. PowerShell Signing Scripts (soon)
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